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Scientists Aim to Protect Astronauts from Deadly Space Radiation, Newsweek Magazine 

Before we send astronauts to Mars, NASA needs to solve the space radiation problem.

Rocket Lab

How a $5 Million Launch Vehicle Could Transform the Satellite Business, Gizmodo

Will a small rocket startup called Rocket Lab transform the small satellite industry?


'Star Trek: Discovery' and Michelle Yeoh's Accent, SYFY WIRE Fangrrls

With the release of the Star Trek: Discovery trailer, I break down the importance of Michelle Yeoh keeping her natural accent in the show. This piece earned a response from Yeoh herself.

Billy Steele / Engadget

The iPod was my last physical connection to music, Engadget

This feature is a personal reaction to the end of the iPod era.


Interview with NASA's newest astronaut, Jessica Watkins, SYFY WIRE Fangrrls

I interview a member of NASA's 2017 astronaut class.



I am a contributing writer at Engadget, where I cover space, science, technology, security, video games, entertainment, and more. I write 3–5 pieces per day at Engadget, so this is just a sampling. For my full Engadget portfolio, please visit my author page.

Moon discovery may expand where we search for life
Tech companies want user data protected from warrantless searches
'Myst' studio's crowdfunded 'Obduction' hits PS4 August 29th
The man that put us through password hell regrets everything

Scientists may have found a functional cure for type-1 diabetes
Netflix acquires Mark Millar's comics publishing house
Slooh’s stargazing telescope livestreams now free to view
Vector successfully launches prototype rocket for small satellites
Ransomware attacks hit small businesses the hardest
Virgin Orbit will test its rocket-launching plane in 2018
Bollywood star Salman Khan is coming to Amazon Prime Video
Japan's first private rocket launch is a partial success
Amazon debuts its own fashion label for women's shoes and purses
Half of the matter around us comes from distant galaxies
Girl Scouts adds STEM badges for robotics and computer science
Adobe is ending development and support for Flash in 2020
Elon Musk hints at changes to SpaceX's Mars rocket
The moon may be hiding lots of water below its surface
Spotify and Warner are ready to make a deal on royalties
Netflix snags 'Bird Box' movie starring Sandra Bullock
One single theory may have solved three Mars mysteries

SYFY WIRE / Fangrrls

I'm a contributing editor at SYFY WIRE, and I primarily write for the vertical Fangrrls, which focuses on women in science fiction and fantasy. I write frequently for the site, so this is just a sampling. Please visit my author page for my full article list.

Entertainment Features
Marvel and DC need to join the fight against toxic fan culture
On Star Trek Discovery and Michelle Yeoh's accent
Rebel Rising: An interview with Beth Revis
Tapas' Cheshire Crossing: Interview with Andy Weir and Sarah Andersen
How Marvel Can Bring in New Female Readers
Interview with Hope Nicholson on The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen
17 Lady Comics Artists to Know
9 Up and Coming Women Comics Writers to Know
10 Lady-Led Marvel Comics Titles
8 Genre Comics to Read If You're Tired of Superheroes 
9 Sci Fi Novels to Read While You Wait for Star Wars and Star Trek
10 Comics that Celebrate Girl Power
In Defense of Jyn Erso
Why Doesn't Bollywood Make More Sci Fi Films?
Who Wore It Better: Lady Gaga or Dazzler?

Science Features
Interview with Jessica Watkins, NASA's newest astronaut
Emily Calandrelli Talks Bill Nye and STEM Education

Colin Trevorrow was fired from Star Wars Episode IX for being "difficult"
You can finally buy a Ms. Marvel costume at the Disney Store
Disney to start its own streaming service, ends deal with Netflix
Legends of Tomorrow aims to bring 'hope' to primetime with Muslim hero
The Harvey Awards are moving to New York Comic Con
DC and Archie Comics tweet their support of Marvel and women in comics
‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ original cast members will reprise their roles on Broadway
The last MST3K DVDs will arrive this fall
Gold lunar module replica stolen from Neil Armstrong museum

Monthly Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Preview
Still time for more summer reading with our August book club picks
May 2017 Book Preview
April 2017 Book Preview 

Monthly Comics Pull List 

Space, Science, and Tech Freelance 

Scientists Aim to Protect Astronauts from Deadly Space Radiation (Newsweek Magazine)
Space: The Final Homework Frontier (Newsweek Magazine)
How a $5 Million Launch Vehicle Could Transform the Satellite Industry (Gizmodo)
How Trump's Budget Cuts Will Affect STEM Education for Low to Middle-Income Families (Fast Company)
Science is Sexist: Slaying Male Superiority in Inferior (Bitch Magazine)

LA Times

I write a monthly sci-fi column for LA Times Books.

The Amish survive the apocalypse in 'When the English Fall'
Travel to the near future with these sci-fi reads
The AI in C.A. Higgins 'Radiate' poses fundamental questions
Antonia Honeywell's novel 'The Ship' asks what happens when we get everything we thought we wanted

Paste Magazine

Space, Science, and Tech

Smithsonian Magazine

Check Out NASA's Three Options for the 2020 Mars Rover Landing 



Why the Next SpaceX Launch Is Important
NASA Might Make High Speed Space Internet a Reality
5 Books to Read if You Loved Hidden Figures
India Launches a Record-Breaking 104 Satellites on One Rocket
The Expanse: Can We Colonize Our Own Solar System?
Timeless and Time Travel: Is It Possible?
Westworld and Superintelligence: Life Finds a Way

Unbound Worlds

Second Nexus

Scientists Have Modified a Human Embryo to Eliminate a Genetic Disease
Telescopes Finally Captured A Gamma-Ray Burst, The Most Powerful Explosion In The Universe
They Just Found a Massive 'Hole' in the Sun
Stephen Hawking Issues Dire Prediction for What Trump Will Do To Earth
Afghan All-Girls Robotics Team Finally Allowed to Enter United States
Fusion Energy Boasts Major Breakthrough in the UK
NASA Will Destroy its $3.26 Billion Probe
A British Teenager Has Corrected a Mistake in NASA's Data
Are Aliens Behind these Distant Radio Bursts?
Fusion Energy Boasts Major Breakthrough in the UK

The Portalist

5 Things to Know about NASA's Search for Alien Life
5 Things to Know about NASA's Mission to Mars
5 Things to Know about SpaceX's Moon Mission 
What Does NASA's Twin Study Mean for Humans in Space
15 Awesome Exoplanets Humans Have Discovered So Far 

Book Riot / Book Riot Comics

Why Shah Rukh Khan Should Play Wolverine
So Anyway: An Interview with John Cleese