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I am a contributing writer at Engadget, where I write about space, science, and tech on a daily basis.


The final design of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launches today
An AR app returns stolen Gardner paintings to their frames
Duolingo's Klingon course has finally arrived
TESS is set to discover 1,600 new planets over the next two years
After half a season, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is worth paying for 
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ deserves better than CBS's streaming service 
The solar eclipse hype is annoying, but the event is worth it 
How to watch the eclipse, regardless of where you live
The iPod was my last physical connection to music


Because I write 4-5 news posts per day, I cannot include all my news posts. This is a sampling of what I've written on recently at Engadget. For my full work, please visit my Engadget byline page.

China’s first space station will hit the Earth’s atmosphere soon
Students solve a 60-year-old space radiation mystery 
Tech pioneers tell FCC: 'You don't understand how the internet works' 
Thai company mu Space can now operate satellites 
Furthest-ever supermassive black hole reveals the early universe 
Girl Scouts launches computer science program to encourage STEM careers 
Rocket Lab schedules second Electron test launch for December 8th 
'A Wrinkle in Time' trailer shows off a planet-hopping adventure 
Netflix to produce TV series with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan 
Virgin Orbit books its first government launch contract 
Amazon and Allrecipes team up to take on Blue Apron’s meal kits
Scientists issue a dire warning about climate change (again) 
This star refuses to die, even after it explodes 
Twitter clarifies what behavior will get you banned 
Living in space has drastic, negative effects on the brain 
Daimler unveils its electric truck weeks ahead of Tesla's big debut
This ramen fork will play noises to cover up your gross slurping 
Sony’s $1,300 robot speaker won't stray far from home
This week’s ‘live’ giant robot battle was fake 
Safety is Elon Musk's chief concern for new SpaceX rocket
Paris wants all gas-powered cars out of the city by 2030 
Vice President Pence promises US astronauts will return to the moon

Video Scripts

Uber teams with aerospace partners for its air taxi project
This galaxy defies known rules because it has no dark matter
Stephen King has died at the age of 76
Larry Page-backed company unveils an electric flying taxi
Jon Favreau will write a ‘Star Wars’ live-action TV series
Net neutrality repeal goes into effect on April 23rd

Space, Science, and Tech Freelance

The time for on-orbit satellite servicing is here (Via Satellite Magazine)
Astronaut pee could keep plants alive in space for decades (New Scientist)
Scientists aim to protect astronauts from deadly space radiation (Newsweek Magazine)
Forget science fairs! These high school students work for NASA (Newsweek Magazine)
How a $5 Million Launch Vehicle Could Transform the Satellite Business (Gizmodo)
How Trump’s Budget Cuts Will Affect STEM Education For Low- To Middle-Income Families (Fast Company)
7 Giant Machines That Changed the World—And 1 That Might (Mental Floss)
This Ancient Reptile Gave Birth to Live Offspring (Smithsonian Magazine)
Check Out NASA's Three Options for the Mars 2020 Landing (Smithsonian Magazine)
Why This Squid Has One Giant Eye and One Tiny Eye (Smithsonian Magazine)
Surprising Levels of Pollution Found in the Depths of the Mariana Trench (Smithsonian Magazine)
The rise of nanosatellites (The Week)
Blink-182's Tom DeLonge Wrote an Alien Conspiracy Theory Book (Bustle)
Science is sexist: Slaying male superiority in 'Inferior' (Bitch Magazine)
The Best Science Books of Spring 2018 (Unbound Worlds)
India Launches a Record-Breaking 104 Satellites on One Rocket (Tor.com)
Astronomers Find 7 Earth-Size Exoplanets Orbiting One Star (Tor.com)
This Star Is Orbiting a Black Hole at 1% of the Speed of Light (Tor.com)
Westworld and Superintelligence: Life Finds a Way (Tor.com)
The Expanse: Can We Colonize Our Solar System? (Tor.com)
Timeless and Time Travel: Is It Possible? (Tor.com)
NASA Will Destroy a $3.26 Billion Spacecraft to Protect Alien Life (Second Nexus)
This Sunspot is Bigger than the Earth (Second Nexus)
Telescopes Finally Captured A Gamma-Ray Burst, The Most Powerful Explosion In The Universe (Second Nexus)
What Does the NASA Twins Study Mean for Humans in Space? (The Portalist)
5 Things to Know about SpaceX's Trip to the Moon (The Portalist)
Best Science Books of Fall and Winter 2017 (Unbound Worlds)
Interview with Mark O'Connell, author of The Close Encounters Man (Unbound Worlds)
StarTalk: An Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson (Book Riot)
My Heart Belongs to the Space Shuttle Columbia (Book Riot)


The Falcon Heavy launch brought me to tears (Engadget)
What's next for SpaceX after a successful Falcon Heavy flight (Engadget)
SpaceX lost the center core of the Falcon Heavy (Engadget)
SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket today (Engadget)
Watch SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch today at 1:30 PM ET (Engadget)
Elon Musk emphasizes the risks ahead of Falcon Heavy’s first mission (Engadget)
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch is reportedly set for February 6th (Engadget)
SpaceX tests the Falcon Heavy's 27 engines ahead of first launch (Engadget)
SpaceX: Its origins and an emphasis on reusability (SYFY Fangrrls)
What SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket means for America's space program (SYFY Fangrrls)
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy can’t launch during a government shutdown (Engadget)
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket will test its 27 engines (updated) (Engadget)

Paste Magazine

For almost a year, I wrote a weekly space science column called Space Matter(s) at Paste. This is a sampling of my work. 

Apollo 1: Fifty Years Later
The Hows and Whys of Gravitational Waves
The Trouble with Spacesuits
Venus: Our Other Sister Planet
What Happened to Mars's Atmosphere?
Interview with Astronaut Leland Melvin on Diversity and Defying the Odds
On Black Holes and the Quest to Observe an Event Horizon
How Do We Know Anything About Exoplanets?
Trump's Pressure on NASA to Accelerate Launch Schedules
Public (and Private) Space Stations
A Quick History of Launch Pads on the Space Coast
A Flat Universe


I write for the Los Angeles Times' books section about science fiction.

Life on Mars — So close, but so frightening
Part 'Star Wars' homage, part unexpected coming-of-age novel: 'Black Star Renegades'
When the robots take over; 4 new sci-fi reads 
Q&A: Naomi Alderman on her electrifying work of feminist sc-fi, 'The Power' 
Science fiction gets criminal 
The Amish survive the apocalypse in 'When the English Fall' 
Travel to the near future with these sci-fi reads 
The AI in C.A. Higgins 'Radiate' poses fundamental questions 
Antonia Honeywell's novel 'The Ship' asks what happens when we get everything we thought we wanted


I am a contributing editor at SYFY WIRE, and I primarily write for Fangrrls, a female-focused vertical. I recap shows, such as Star Trek: Discovery, and have multiple monthly columns. I also occasionally cover pop culture news.

Because I write at SYFY's sites almost every day, this is just a sampling of my writing. For my full work, please visit my SYFY WIRE byline page.


5 stories we want for Ahsoka now that Star Wars: Rebels is finished
The first time I realized I was allowed to be angry: Major Kira Nerys
Star Wars shouldn't use the Expanded Universe as a storytelling crutch
Captain Phasma deserves better than her Star Wars: The Last Jedi storyline
The 10 best sci-fi and fantasy books of 2017
The problem of gatekeeping in Star Trek fandom
42 thoughts I had while watching the Star Wars Holiday Special
A Star Trek episode guide for B'Elanna Torres 
16 things more interesting than Danny Rand as Iron Fist
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the game I never knew I needed 
The best Sabine Wren episodes of Star Wars: Rebels
Star Trek: Discovery centers its female characters 
B'Elanna Torres mirrored the struggle I didn't want to acknowledge in myself 
I'm the reason superhero comics are struggling
On Star Trek: Discovery and Michelle Yeoh's accent 
How Marvel can bring in new female readers 
4 episodes where the women of Star Trek: The Next Generation shined (August 23, 2017)
13 reasons Ms. Marvel is the superhero we need right now 
Marvel Comics' Runaways should have a writer of color 
How Loot Crate decides what to put in its 600,000 boxes per month
In defense of Jyn Erso 


”Will You Take My Hand” brings a season-long story to a close on Star Trek: Discovery
Michelle Yeoh discusses her accent and the role of women in Star Trek: Discovery
"The War Without, The War Within" sets up Star Trek: Discovery's season finale
Everything comes together in Star Trek: Discovery's "Whats Past is Prologue"
Exclusive: Check out images from Star Trek: Discovery's Sunday episode "What's Past is Prologue"
Exclusive: Announcing the new Star Trek: Discovery comic series, Succession
"Vaulting Ambition" reveals the truth about one Star Trek: Discovery character
The Mirror Universe holds many secrets in the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery
Shazad Latif on playing a man with PTSD and the twists and turns of Discovery
Wilson Cruz discusses the midseason premiere, gay representation, and the possibility of a musical episode of Star Trek Discovery
Star Trek: Discovery is back with an explosive midseason opener
The midseason finale of Star Trek: Discovery will have you on the edge of your seat 
L'Rell is back in this week's episode of Star Trek: Discovery 
Time loops and Mudd and kisses, oh my!: A recap of Star Trek Discovery's seventh episode 
James Frain on playing Sarek and the illogic of Vulcan extremists
Sarek returns in the sixth episode of Star Trek: Discovery 
Star Trek: Discovery is feeling more and more like Star Trek 
Star Trek: Discovery gets even better in its fourth episode 


Interview: Sarah Shahi, excellent human and star of NBC's Reverie
S.A. Chakraborty's The City of Brass started out as history fan fiction 
Exclusive: Nidhi Chanani's second graphic novel Jukebox will release in 2020
Roshani Chokshi on working with Rick Riordan and the challenges of representation 
Brown Girl Begins: Sharon Lewis discusses her Afrofuturist film with an all-black cast
Aditi Khorana on privilege and feminism in The Library of Fates 
Rebel Rising: An interview with Beth Revis 
Hope Nicholson explores comics history with The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen

Space, Science & Tech

Interview with one of NASA's newest astronauts, Jessica Watkins 
Meet the women who should’ve been the first astronauts in Mercury 13
Meg Schwamb discusses managing a Hawaii telescope and gender imbalance in the sciences 
Sara Wachter-Boettcher discusses the inherent bias in the apps we use every day 
Nicole E. Cabrera Salazar discusses diversity in STEM fields 
Tanya Harrison talks Mars' geology and harassment in STEM
Astrophysicist Erin Macdonald on the science of sci-fi and fictional mentors 
Interview: Sarah Scoles on Jill Tarter, the inspiration for Contact's Ellie Arroway 
Astronomer Paige Godfrey on making space accessible and the mystery of brown dwarfs
Astronomer Jillian Bellovary on black holes, the Peace Corps and roller derby
Going to Space Camp with The Mars Generation 
Geek Girl Rising: Interview with Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens 
Emily Calandrelli talks Bill Nye and STEM education 

Video Scripts

Watch: Star Wars: The Clone Wars in two minutes 

New release highlights: books, 

Because I write this round-up every month, I only include the last month's article in this portfolio.

March's sci-fi and fantasy book releases are out of this world


Christian Louboutin designs shoes inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi characters
Listen to the unused musical themes for Star Trek: Discovery
Michelle Yeoh makes a surprise appearance at the Star Trek: Discovery NYCC panel


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is proof that a franchise needs to mature with its fans (Polygon)
Thieves Rappelled into a London Warehouse in Rare Book Heist (Smithsonian Magazine)
10 Books to Read Before You Watch The Young Pope (Paste Magazine)
8 Self-Help Books that Actually Help (Bustle)
11 Books by Muslim Women (Bustle)
Why Shah Rukh Khan Should Play Wolverine (Book Riot Comics)
So Anyway: An Interview with John Cleese (Book Riot) 
14 Books to Read While You Wait for the New Paula Hawkins (Read It Forward)
14 Books to Read if You Loved Big Little Lies (Read It Forward)
You Bring the Distant Near: Interview with Mitali Perkins (Bookwitty)
Reading List: Indian Historical Fiction (Bookwitty)
#Lukeing4Luke: A Star Wars Celebration Saga (Unbound Worlds)
Thrawn Answers Longstanding Questions While Posing New Ones (Unbound Worlds)