Image: Netflix / Eric Charbonneau / Invision

Image: Netflix / Eric Charbonneau / Invision

NBC News

"Hollywood has whitewashed Asian stories for decades. This year, they couldn't ignore the backlash."

NBC News interviewed me, along with my podcast co-host, about the state of whitewashing in Hollywood as part of a 2017 retrospective.

 Image: CBS Interactive

Image: CBS Interactive


"This Actor Has Decided To Use Her Own Accent For A Huge Role And People Are Excited"

This article was a reaction to an editorial I wrote on SYFY Fangrrls about my excitement that Michelle Yeoh had kept her original accent in Star Trek: Discovery. It includes Yeoh's response to my article.



The Nerds of color podcast

"May the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars Be With You"

I guested on the podcast "Hard N.O.C. Life" along with my Desi Geek Girls cohost Preeti Chhibber to discuss the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.


Reading Lives

"Episode 37"

I was the guest host of an episode of Book Riot's Reading Lives podcast. I discussed my book history, my favorite novels, and how I became an avid reader.


Filmfare Magazine

"Shah Rukh Khan is all set to play Wolverine but there is one problem"

This article was written in response to a tweet that Shah Rukh Khan sent out. He was addressing an article I wrote about Hugh Jackman's comments that Khan should replace the actor as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise.


The Mary Sue

"After Outcry, Patreon Will NOT Roll Out Its Terrible New Fees Policy"

Patreon introduced a controversial fee change that I wrote a feature about for Engadget. Upon retraction of the fee, The Mary Sue wrote an article and quoted me in it.