SPaceflight & Technology

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SpaceX: Its origins and an emphasis on reusability (SYFY)
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Mexican scientist Eva Ramón Gallegos cures HPV with light therapy (SYFY)
The solar eclipse hype is annoying, but the event is worth it (Engadget)
How to watch the eclipse, regardless of where you live (Engadget)
Astronaut pee could keep plants alive in space for decades (New Scientist)
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Interviews & Profiles

Science Sam discusses discrimination in STEM and Instagram as a tool for science communication (SYFY)
Interview with one of NASA's newest astronauts, Jessica Watkins (SYFY)
Meg Schwamb discusses managing a Hawaii telescope and gender imbalance in the sciences (SYFY)
Sara Wachter-Boettcher discusses the inherent bias in the apps we use every day (SYFY)
Nicole E. Cabrera Salazar discusses diversity in STEM fields (SYFY)
Tanya Harrison talks Mars' geology and harassment in STEM (SYFY)
Astrophysicist Erin Macdonald on the science of sci-fi and fictional mentors (SYFY)
Interview: Sarah Scoles on Jill Tarter, the inspiration for Contact's Ellie Arroway (SYFY)
Astronomer Paige Godfrey on making space accessible and the mystery of brown dwarfs (SYFY)
Astronomer Jillian Bellovary on black holes, the Peace Corps and roller derby (SYFY)
Interview with Astronaut Leland Melvin on Diversity and Defying the Odds (Paste Magazine)
Interview with Mark O'Connell, author of The Close Encounters Man (Unbound Worlds)
Emily Calandrelli talks Bill Nye and STEM education (SYFY)
Geek Girl Rising: Interview with Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens (SYFY)
StarTalk: An Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson (Book Riot)


How fitness and health tracking failed me during my pregnancy (Engadget)
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Duolingo's Klingon course has finally arrived (Engadget)
The iPod was my last physical connection to music (Engadget)


NASA's upcoming Moon mission may use commercial rockets (Engadget)
Netflix plans series based on ’One Hundred Years of Solitude’ (Engadget)
’Star Trek: Discovery’ sets a course for a third season (Engadget)
Electron microscope can record movies at an atomic scale (Engadget)
Apple is using 100 percent recycled aluminum in new Macs (Engadget)
Nintendo is bringing Labo to elementary school classrooms (Engadget)
China’s first space station will hit the Earth’s atmosphere soon (Engadget)
Students solve a 60-year-old space radiation mystery (Engadget)
Tech pioneers tell FCC: 'You don't understand how the internet works' (Engadget)
Thai company mu Space can now operate satellites (Engadget)
Furthest-ever supermassive black hole reveals the early universe (Engadget)
Girl Scouts launches computer science program to encourage STEM careers (Engadget)
Rocket Lab schedules second Electron test launch for December 8th (Engadget)
Netflix to produce TV series with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan (Engadget)
Virgin Orbit books its first government launch contract (Engadget)
Amazon and Allrecipes team up to take on Blue Apron’s meal kits (Engadget)
Scientists issue a dire warning about climate change (again) (Engadget)
This star refuses to die, even after it explodes (Engadget)
Twitter clarifies what behavior will get you banned (Engadget)
Living in space has drastic, negative effects on the brain (Engadget)
Daimler unveils its electric truck weeks ahead of Tesla's big debut (Engadget)
This ramen fork will play noises to cover up your gross slurping (Engadget)
This week’s ‘live’ giant robot battle was fake (Engadget)

Video Scripts

Uber teams with aerospace partners for its air taxi project (Engadget)
This galaxy defies known rules because it has no dark matter (Engadget)
Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76 (Engadget)
Larry Page-backed company unveils an electric flying taxi (Engadget)
Net neutrality repeal goes into effect on April 23rd (Engadget)