How to get in touch

I have multiple email addresses, which helps me keep track of all my projects as a freelancer. Please ensure that your query is routed to the correct email or it may be deleted. I do read all the email I receive. If you're not sure where to send it, feel free to use the contact form below.

Please note that I do not accept pitches for coverage via any method besides email.

Because of volume, I do not respond to every email I receive.

For professional inquiries and opportunities (not pitches/opportunities for coverage): swapna [at] swapnakrishna [dot] com

For interview opportunities, space, tech, SYFY and LA Times pitches, press releases, books, comics, and pop culture — and any emails you're unsure about: skrishna [at] skrishnasbooks [dot] com

For Desi Geek Girls: swapna [at] desigeekgirls [dot]com or info [at] desigeekgirls [dot] com (if you'd like to reach both my co-host and me and once)

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